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  • மறையாத மாமகளிர்
  • குடி உயர நாடு உயரும்

மறையாத மாமகளிர்

This book consists of essays on Queen Anne Bolyn of England; Queen Elizabeth of England; Anna Award Sha of USA; Rani Mangammal, Great Warrior Queen of India; Mother Theresa; Marie Curie, scientist; Ba @ Kasturba, the wife of Ganghiji and Ma @ Poorathinammal, the mother of the author. The author wanted to depict the sacrifices of his mother and in his attempt he has drawn beautiful essays on noble women of the world.

குடி உயர நாடு உயரும்

In this book the author has penned various essays touching the demeaning behavior prevailing in the society such as defecating in open areas, nuisance caused by funeral procession, suppression of woman, denying basic needs to citizens, trampling the traditional rights in Jallikattu etc.