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In this novel the writer uncovered the untold misery of farmers in India. This novel travels in a beautiful manner and meanders through the alleys of farmers life. The nucleus of the novel is the way in which the land of a poor farmer is acquired by the government in the name of the public interest and vests in the hands of industrialist for a phenomenal price. This novel also tells about the meager compensation awarded and the way in which the land owners struggle to get their compensation.


This novel is a science fiction and the author has designed the novel with unexpected turns and trills. The author concerned about the growing pollution of the earth and expects an alien to restore the beauty of the earth. The way in which the hero of this novel, an alien, assumes the life of human, beast, God etc., is cast in a thrilling ways. This novel is a cohesion of suspense, love, lust, sentiment, vengeance, etc., and a reader would be thrilled on reading. A reader would be glued to the pages of this novel, once started reading and until finish reading.