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Porselvi Pathippagam has published number of books on the subject “travelogues”. The author penned his experiences in traveling abroad and a reader could feel his hand is held by the author in the country abroad, where he traveled and imbues the experience of travelling alone in such country. Every travelogue provides the rich experience to the reader and after completing the reading of the book, the reader could have the satisfaction of visiting the country he has read. The author script, in a beautiful way, the pictures of the various places that have been visited in a country and a reader could not resist himself from reading again and again. Travelogues filled with details of difficulties that a traveler could experience in traveling alone and the author provides solution to get over the anticipated difficulties. The author aimed to make easy the travel with affordable costs. The aim of the author to provide the historical details of the places visited, of course with humor and his own style of presentation. The author has penned travelogues on countries, namely, United State of America, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, England, France, Italy, Switzerland and Dubai.

Our Books
  • அமெரிக்கா வந்தேறியவர்களின் வளநாடு
  • ஆண்டவர் நாடு
  • பாலை வளநாடு
  • மனம் கவரும் மலேசியா சிங்காரச் சிங்கப்பூர்
  • தாய்லாந் து
  • திரிசங்கு நரகம்

அமெரிக்கா வந்தேறியவர்களின் வளநாடு

This book is named as “America – the rich land of immigrants” presents the travelling experience of the author from east to west and from north to south in Unites States of America. His experience in important cities and tourist destinations, viz., San francisco, Hollywood, San diego, Kentucy, Niagara, New York, Washington, Miami etc., could be useful to the first time visitors and the frequent travelers of such place could astonish about the places they visited on reading the book. Thrill, anxiety is assured to the readers.

ஆண்டவர் நாடு

This book provides the travelling experience of the author in United Kingdom (England), France (Paris), Switzerland, Italy (Venice, Pisa, Rome, Vatican City etc., A reader of this book finally could come to know even a man born as a Christian could not have visited so many churches as visited by the author in Europe.

பாலை வளநாடு-

ThisThis book narrates the travelling experience of the author in Dubai. On reading of this book a reader might be surprised about the country Dubai and even residents in Dubai would not have visited places of enjoyment as visited by the author.

மனம் கவரும் மலேசியா சிங்காரச் சிங்கப்பூர்-

This book scripts the travelling experience of the author in Malaysia and Singapore and the history of these countries.


This book exhibits “in and out” of the country Thailand, more particularly the life in Bankok and in Pattaya.

திரிசங்கு நரகம்-

This book presents the nightmare of the author experienced while his travel to France. After reading this book, a reader could have the courage of facing any situation in traveling abroad. Also this brings out the panoramic picture of few places in the Paris, France. .